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Lent 2021

Ash Wednesday Worship February 16, 2021 Our time is precious and finite.Most of us have experienced moments when this truth became abundantly, even painfully, clear. It’s hard for us to hold onto that truth in the midst of our day to day lives. There is just so much vying for our attention.  But each year, on Ash Wednesday, I place […]

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Mission Study 2021

February 22, 2021 – Mission Study Groups this Week The following Mission Study Group Meetings are Scheduled for this week: Monday February 22nd, 7:30pm – Zoom with Wendy Hughes/Jane Townsend – 3rd Meeting Tuesday February 23rd,  7:00pm –Zoom with Mabel Winslow/Deb Wingfield – 3rd Meeting Wednesday, February 24th,6:00pm –  Zoom with Bill Miller/Don Kauffman – 3rd Meeting7:00pm –  Gather with […]

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